Executive Committee

Management of the Association

An Executive Committee is assigned with governing the alumni association, facilitating the implementation of Catholic School Ara Alumni Association (CSA3) vision, mission and values, and strategically defining the pathways to achieve its goals and objectives. CSA3 Executive Committee is the primary representative body for alumni and serves as a liaison between its members and school administration.

The committee members hold at least three meetings each year in Ara and stay connected for rest of the year and take decisions collectively. At these meetings, in addition to the transaction of the business of the Association, the members are informed about school activities and programs, facilities, and concerns. They participate in discussions with students, administrators, and teachers.

Regular updates on the website and its facebook page assist in spreading the current story of school.

The committee is proud of organising its successful and colourful annual event – Homecoming – at the school.

Measurement of Success

The efforts of the executive committee should reflect sincere commitment to excellence in all activities and succeed in achieving CSA3 stated goals and objectives by addressing the broad spectrum of interests and needs of the alumni. It should facilitate and encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions between the school and its alumni, with mutual understanding and respect for each other and also among a diverse alumni association.

We should measure our success by

  • the number of registered members
  • increasing the alumni volunteer base
  • contributions in terms of advice, initiatives and opportunities / support offered to other alumni
  • promotion of our interests and goodwill
  • the degree of participation in school and alumni activities

You will appreciate that it can not be achieved by the Executive Committee alone. We all have to shoulder this responsibility and assist in any way that is possible in available window of spare time and resources.

The current Executive Committee seeks volunteers who have a variety of talents, expertise and innovative ideas to run alumni business, and are interested in serving in the CSA3 Executive Committee.

Current Executive Committee

S. N.NameCompleted Year 10PositionContact Details
1Lalit Mohan Singh1983President+91 943 108 5090
2Santosh Kumar Singh1991Secretary+91 930 483 2533
3Mani Bhushan Sinha1994Treasurer+91 930 420 1711
4Rajesh Kumar Choubey1986Spokesperson+91 943 055 1361
5Sanjay Pandey1981Member+61 447 726 339
6Manoj Tripathy1983Member+91 943 144 5014
7Rajesh Tripathy1983Member+91 840 941 6061
8Avinash Kumar1994Member+91 938 653 5845
9Prabodh Kumar Mishra1994Member+91 933 446 6485
10Apoorva Saurabh1997Member+91 815 0000 422

No Excuse Please

Eliminate Misconceptions

“I used to be a _______.” (membership doesn’t expire when you graduate – it’s designed to last a lifetime)
“I don’t have time.” (we’re all volunteers)
“I won’t know anybody.” (members from other eras can help by welcoming newcomers)
“All they want is my money.” (the main effort needs to show that money’s not the primary concern)

Content adapted from Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, and Boston University Office of International Alumni Programs