Catholic Middle School

The genesis of Catholic School Ara has been gradual and in different phases. Considering the needs of education in Ara Fr. Henry Westrop, SJ and Fr. Nichalas Pollard, SJ bought the existing High School piece of land in 1938. Gradually, in 1939 they made a humble hut where they began a small school.

In 1942, it turned out to be so popular that they had to appoint a proper Headmaster in the person of Fr. Apoline D’Costa for the primary school. Until then Frs. Henry Westrop, SJ and Nicholas were looking after the administration of the school. In the same year, the Education Department of Bihar gave its official approval and Recognition to establish and administer a primary and Middle School. Hence, so named Catholic Middle School, Ara.


I think intelligence is something you have to work for … it isn’t just given to you.… Most kids, if they’re not sure of an answer, will not raise their hand to answer the question. But what I usually do is raise my hand, because if I’m wrong, then my mistake will be corrected. Or I will raise my hand and say, ‘How would this be solved?’ or ‘I don’t get this. Can you help me?’ Just by doing that I’m increasing my intelligence.